Now that we have talked about some of the not so fun things to keep in mind when traveling to Granada with our last article in regards to picking the right pest control company, we can go back to talking about some of the most enjoyable things that Granada has to offer.

Not Just A Garden


One of my favorite things to see when taking a trip to Granada has to be the Generalife. It isn’t just a garden, it feels like a small walk through time. Walks through the garden are enough to make the trip to see it alone. These people really knew how to live simply, yet were able to create and capture something so beautiful in these gardens that absolutely anyone would be able to appreciate them.

Dress for Weather

Take note that these gardens are very high up and are completely outside and in plain view of the sun, so spring or fall months are ideal for comfort. If you plan on making this trip in the hot summer months, please ensure that you bring lots of water and everything else that you might need to stay hydrated and not over heat.

Incredible Views

Once you have made it through the garden and beautiful architecture, you are left with breathtaking views of Granada which anyone can appreciate and make you really have a new appreciation for the culture.

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