One of the Most Visited Monuments

One of the most beautiful attractions that Granada has to offer for anyone visiting is the amazing Alhambra. This is a must see for any tourists and is both beautiful, and holds a lot of the history behind Granada.

Just like Generalife, you should be prepared for the weather and dress appropriately. The spring and fall months would be the perfect time to visit but if you are vacationing during the warmer summer months, make sure you bring plenty of water and are prepared to handle the blazing heat.


If these attractions are something that you would find intriguing and would like a longer list of things to see that are of similar beauty, click here for more information on some of the most popular attractions that are all must sees.

The History

Alhambra was originally constructed for use for their military and was eventually adopted as a Christian Court in the late 1400’s. If you do decide to make the trip to see this amazing sight, make sure you take the tour and pay attention to all of the information that the guide has.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and really embrace all of the history and culture that lies behind the walls. It really is an amazing piece of architecture and is probably my favorite tourist attraction that Granada has to offer, with Generalife being a close second.


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